Challenger Packs a Punch

There is no shortcut for power. And when it comes to American muscle, we know how to do it right. And the Dodge Challenger is living proof.

Okay, it is not alive, per se, but it seems to be a demon of some sort. Just take a glimpse at the latest in the family line, and see why it has earned the nickname of "Hellcat".

The name is enough to make a speed driven driver to drool. Those who rely more on good looks cannot help but admire the fine lines of this iconic car. From its early iterations to the speed demon of today, the Challenger holds up to its name as it puts the heat to strong cars throughout the industry. The 2015 Dodge Challenger harnesses up to 485 horsepower under the hood, but you can opt for less power, you know, if that is what you want. Innovations throughout the car have made it possible to be stronger, leaner, faster, and shockingly more fuel efficient.

It looks good from the outside, and the interior is styled for the driver who loves cars. Each detail of the cabin is orientated towards you in the driver's seat, so you enjoy a thrilling that ends up feeling downright indulgent. Now all you need are racing gloves to match.

Leave the boring in the past and speed up into the fast lane with the Dodge Challenger. Check it out here at our dealership in Jacksonville, FL.

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